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These are actual, unedited excerpts from email we've received. Some may be hard to understand at first reading. Some are heart-wrenching and difficult to read at all. We share these because it's important for each of us to understand that many others are struggling also . . . we are not alone!


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I left my second husband, i have two children and i can tell by my own complications that they may have it also, but after i left my husband he stopped my insurance within the month. therefore i have not had any meds in four months. i could not afford the doctors and the meds. presently I'm going madddd. i yell all the time, my heart beats real fast when I'm driving, my compulsive spending (books) which i never seem to read is out of control. i could get paid 700-900 dollars on a Friday, i plan all week not to spend on the weekend, but when Saturday morning arrives i don't know what happens. Then it's Sunday night or Monday and i only have 200 dollars and i feel soon bad because i haven't paid one bill or fixed my old car that's been in need for months. I've known about obtaining a new sitter for weeks, the candidate called me six days ago, i have yet to return her call. i go to work (now) and come home i have no energy to cook or clean, i feel like a real badddd  Mom. what ever i set out to do i can't complete it. i moved five years ago to a new state to go back to college. I have yet to see a class room. It's like I make one excuse after another. I've tried to quit smoking for the past three years with no success  it gets sooo bad that my chest hurts in the morning but I can't concentrate long enough to care for myself. I've been a nail bitter for 30 years, I just can't seem to stop. please help me if you can.

RT - April 4, 2001

I keep hearing that after a child goes off of Ritalin, there metabolism does not work properly. Why I am asking this is cause my son was on this for 3 years, it did wonders, but as his body was changing, it seemed as though he didn't need it any longer. Once he stop taking it, he has gained about 45 to 50 lbs. He was and still is very active in all sports and does not sit around eating all day and watching TV. Last summer he would swim 8 hours a day at least 5 to 6 days a week. I have had all kinds of blood work run on him that the doctors can think of, but nothing turns up. No thyroid or diabetes problems. I am just trying to find some answers, he has hip and pelvis deformities and ankle problems, he has to wear leg braces all waking hours of the day. His extra weight doesn't help. We have tried watching carbs, saturated fat, fat and calories and he just keeps gaining. The rate he is going (10 lbs a month) he will weigh 195 lbs by September 2001. He has not hit his growth spurt yet either, so he is still pretty short.

CL - May 17, 2001

My daughter is so hyper no body can control her not even school
i have tryed controlled substance med. i do not like them i am interested in trying Neu-Becalm'd i would appreciated it if you would send me a free bottle to try on her. my life is total hell with her i try to be patient but iam about to give up she is not intending to be bad she tryes to behave but she is so hyper please help me

MM - March 30, 2001

I have been battling the medicine regimen, the food changes,
the complaining teachers, the inpatient family members, and the guilt that my son has such a hard, daily life--a true struggle just to be a happy little boy. He has been on meds (dexedrine, cylert, adderal (at different times and levels), and currently ritalin and clonidine--since kindergarten, and he is now in the fifth grade. He had a tough kindergarten and first grade experience... with Bs, Cs, and Ds. Then, he had a more successful second grade experience with A/B honor roll. Followed by A honor rollin the third and A/B honor roll in the fourth grades.During my son's medication management appointment the week prior to school beginning this year, the doctor asked how he was doing. I stated that I had seen some maturity over the summer and that he had been doing pretty well for the last year. The doctor stated he wanted to take my son off of Clonidine. He made it clear that my son didn't need clonidine any longer. Therefore, our memories of the hell he and we had gone through for about two years prior came around again. He has been in school now for nearly his first nine weeks and has mostly Fs on all his school work. He has daily homework battles again... he has a rollercoaster emotional trip almost daily with getting angry, throwing fit/showing physical signs of anger in his face and with this tensed fists, then crying, then apologies for losing control.... only to start another fit...over and over during homework time. However, normally after homework is over each evening, he shows very little stress...is that what it sounds like? Stress? Depression? I am desparate to help my son! This is, cetainly, only a short snapshot of what has been happening over the past six years

SM - Septembr 30, 2000

my son is getting in trouble a lot at school by getting up and walking around in the middle of class he gets really hyper alot and sometime doesn't finish his sentences when he speaks

Divas - September 30, 2000

My 11 year old  son is ADHD, he is conidine, ritalin, wellbrutin.
I am at my wits end.   I don't know what to do. He is doing real good in school and after school care most of the time, but when he is at home he is out of control most of the time.He yells, throws things. I ask him why and he doesn't know or he said everyone is yelling at him. I don't know what to do anymore. He can be very helpful, loving and the next minute he is yelling, cussing, etc.

DC - September 27, 2000

Son 16.  We have been in counseling and through medicines for 10 years. This was a horrible day at school. He has no friends and the teachers are ready to give up on him. He is very bright but does little to no work. He has already failed the 10th grade and even though he is being allowed to take 10th and 11th grade classes in an effort to catch up with his class next year, he shows very little interest in trying

JC - September 22, 2000

I have a 20-year-old daughter with an eating disorder. The doctor had her on Celexa for awhile, which did not seem to help. She took a friend's Adderall (similar to Ritalin) once and really liked the way it helped her focus on things and not be so obsessed with food, but they don't want to prescribe that for her because it can decrease your appetite and evidently has even caused anorexia in some people.  They have just switched her medication to Paxil, and it's too soon to see if it's going to be beneficial. When I was researching Adderall, I ran across your website and am intrigued with the descriptions of your product.

SS - September 20, 2000

When my daughter was diagnosed with ADD in 5th grade, (we knew it in 2nd grade, but who listens to parents?) her Doctor told her Robin Williams was the poster child for ADD and she laughed and laughed. It helped to release much of the pent up anxiety we were all feeling that day. What a relief to finally hear the words yet so scary as to what it would mean in our lives. She does pretty well now, she is a senior in high school and has done fine. That day her Dr. also told her. "You come by your ADD honestly honey, both your parents have profound cases of ADD themselves therefore you got a doube whammy!" Her father and I just looked at each other in amused shock.....but truthfully, deep down we had known it all along....we all cope until we can't cope any longer, right? Thank goodness there is help today.....and thank you for this opportunity

PC - September 14, 2000

I have had serious depression fits for the past 3 years, i dont know what causes them, and in times where i think i should be
really happy, i am very depressed and angry. Its hard to be with my friends, family, and the only thing that has ever really worked is aderall....., but right now, im trying new products that could help me, i am publishing a book soon (i hope) on different medications and how they have effected me as a consumer.

RH - September 9, 2000

son Ritalin for 6 years while out of my custody. Recently I gained custody and have chosen to take him off the drug that was supposed to be so wonderful. While he was with my parents those 6 years he continued to have nothing but problems at home and at school. I couldn't understand why they continued to give it to him if it never made a difference in his behavior. My son just started 7th grade a week ago and already I have received calls from 3 out of 6 teachers. He is very disruptive in class. I am already at my wits end because I can not find one doctor in my town that speacializes in child/adolecent behavior that will take my insurance.

SP  - September 7, 2000

Hi, I have a friend who was a 5 year old son that was diagnosed with ADHD. The doctors say that most kids usually are rated between 3 and 6, but her son is was rated a 9. She is concered about putting her child on "Ritalin" and may consider an alternative if her questions are all answered for her.

RM - March 15, 2000

All four of my children are ADHD I have been dealing with this
four over 18 years and the medications don't help much...My children have been megadosed with all kinds of medications.
I have tried counselors, parenting class for behavior problem children, no one seems to understand the trouble ADHD causes
or the confusion and frustration that the child experiences.

RT  -  October 29, 1999


LP - October 26, 1999

My 10 year old son was diagnised with adhd at age 3. He has had very bad side affects from ritalin and I would love for him to feel what it is like to feel "normal". I too believe I have adhd and would like to try it too.

SM  -  October 28, 1999

Son, diagnosed ADHD w/o hypertension at 5yrs old, we're on the "try it all 'til you find what works" rollercoaster. I refuse to limit my options.

BW - October 28, 1999

My son is 15. We have not used ritalin, before, but are in a desperate situation with failing grades and inability to cope with school. He is not hyperactive, is obviously intelligent, but out of control. After much reading and discussion, I am reasonably surethat ADD is the problem and maybe depression, although well disguised. Please help! Thank you.

LT - September 29, 1999

My son has asperger's syndrome, best described as a combo of ADHD and autism, he has been on ritalin but his attention is falling off. We are considering adderall but I would like to try something else if possible. We are just tired of doping him...he is only five.

TM    September 27, 1999

This product seems to be the best one I have read about. I will be ordering a bottle today to try it for my son who is 9. He falls under all those warning signs for having attention problems. I haven't taken him to the Doctor because I think they will just want to put him on Ritalin and me or my husband don't want him to take such a harsh drug. Hopefully this will work for him.  Thanks!!:)

HD - September 26, 1999

My 9 year old daughter has been diagnosed with add since 2 years ago. We tried Ritalin and biofeedback and with no very good results. I am willing to try something natural. She is in 4 th grade and doing very poorly.

LH - September 8, 1999

My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD about 3 months into her kindergarten year. We have had other problems with her at daycare. Her care providers called me and told me they could not control her, she was having temper tantrums, becoming violent towards the other kids her age, and a lot of the other problems. When she got into Kinder, she got notes sent home, she wasbiting kids at school, not staying in her seat, when it was time for a group interaction, she was very disruptive, wouldn't sit still, always jumping out of her seat, etc... I just ran across ADHDrelief.com because, I am wanting her off Ritlan. I will try this as soon as she comes home from her real dad's house. (She's there for summer vacation. And he is not very helpful with treatment besides the pills. She does not take them with her. Her real dad has had drug problems.) I will mention it to him and try to get him to get her some to start now. It may and may not work. If I send them to him, he will not give it to her as often as she needs it.

CL - June 23, 1999




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