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Houston, Texas
(extracted from conference call
May 21, 2011)

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David's P.T.S.D. Redemption
Iraq & Afg. Veteran  (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Watch this engaging video, as David explains how Neu-Becalm'd literally pulled him out of a "black hole", in only three weeks.
"Every vet needs to know about this." - David (Nov. 2011)

Tue, 2 Aug 2011 16:25:09 -0700
I know Neu-Becalm'd works, I have used it with ADD/ADHD Middle School students and the difference within two weeks is measurable. 
Art @ Physocial Education Counseling System, Inc.

Can't thank you enough, my daughter has been on Neu-becalmd for only a few days.  She actually picked up her history book and started to do her own homework after a couple of days on Neu-Becalm'd.  In a restaurant  yesterday she voluntarily cut her own steak and put the remainder in a "go"box. 
My husband and I want to know,

"who is this imposter" &

"what have you done with our daughter"??? 

This morning she politely greeted me and asked in a civil tone permission to go some where after school.  Last night before bed she mentioned a large English project that is due and started to verbalize plans to get it done.

OK,  what is going on here???????????????

Andrea L.   Thu, 12 May 2011 11:03:53 -0500

Can't say enough good things about this product. Buy Neu Becalm'd here!
March 01, 2010  -  eBay blessed-mom

I've used Neu be calm'd in the past to quit smoking and help me out of a major depression. 
I'm having problems sleeping again, when I was on Neu be calm'd , I slept just fine.

10/19/2008 8:39:19 PM  Lori Stump  

I was a skeptic but this stuff is amazing!

Dan Wheeler (daniel_*******@yahoo.com)  Tue 5/04/10 10:25 AM

As always, Thanks!!!! This product is great...SUPER FAST SHIPPING!
June 29, 2010 - eBay: patrice1015

Excellent service! High quality product! Very FAST shipping!
December 4, 2010 - eBay: fairytaales

Thanks for the speedy delivery, I had waited too long to order, so am very happy.
February 15, 2011  -  eBay ID: ngenz73110405

5 days on Neu-Becalm'd and Grand daughter is like a new kid! Thank you!
April 26th 2011 13:17  -   eBay ID: grandmato8

i want to be a preferred customer and am considering distributorship.
The first capsule I took- after 30 minutes I was smiling. I have been so stressed on my job and in my life, I haven't really smiled in peace like that for a year. I work in psych and I see people use antidepressant after antidepressant. I tried Effexor recently. This Neubecalmd works!!!!I feel so good!!! And there are gradual new changes every week! My sister is now using Neubecalmd and while the changes are slower for her to experience, she is getting the best sleep she has had in years!!! This capsule is amazing!!
Kristin Volck  **KV**@aol.com   06 May 2007 at 21:38:55

I do like the product, but I am not using it for ADHD.
I am an older woman who was having trouble multi tasking at my job.
I would get agitated and would not be able to think straight.
It calms me down and my brain works better.
Neu-Becalm'd has made it possible for me to still do my job.
Sat, 24 Nov 2007 19:44:38  Sharon Schilstra 

I am so grateful to have found Neu-Becalm'd again after 10 years of depression.
This is my tenth day and I feel as if an unseen force is cradling me, holding me steady.
On 12/29/2007 9:07:00 PM  Deirdre Hatton (Zantariah) Australia
NOTE:  Zantariah has been a steady customer since 2007 and continues to buy Neu-Becalm'd by the case.

Sue Morgan (R.N.) - Minnesota
Flower Mound, Texas

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Neu-Becalm'd is a great product, produced by a very reliable company. We have been using it since Dec. 2001.  I use the product every day, as does my husband & ADHD son.  My son was failing with the use of prescribed drugs. I cannot say enough about the success we have seen in him. He has remained off prescription drugs, is happier, doing well in school, and all the other hopes that a parent of an ADHD child waits & prays for. He is now 15, has developed the friendships that he yearned for previously & no longer has any D's & F's on his report card. It is a long story said here in a few sentences, making it sound so simple & yet it has been miraculous!!

Sue Morgan (R.N.) - Minnesota
Monday, March 15, 2004  -  ge****@rconnect.com -
First Neu-Becalm'd Purchase Dec. 27th 2001

Listen as Pat tells
her story personally.
Sunday, May 30, 2004
Flower Mound, Texas

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Thanks for all the helpful e-mails.

I started out taking 2 caps (Neu-Becalm'd)  in the AM for 3 weeks to see what would happen.   It did work but I could tell I needed more.  I felt that I was doing ok but still seemed to go back under. I started taking 3 caps AM weeks ago and WOW, I can see and feel myself coming up out of depression and the fog in my brain. My husband says he can hear the difference in my voice. 
Thanks for all the good information and helpful advice.

Joyce A****son  -  Carmichael, California
February 24, 2004  -  joyce@am****o.com

Listen as Joyce tells
her story personally.

 Stop:    each audio before starting next.

I have taken Neu-Becalm'd for a little over a year.
I take it for depression.  I love it.

Christie Jo M.  **kie@ve**mail.com
Friday, January 16, 2004 3:55 PM

Neu-Becalm'd has helped me a lot with anxiety -
I still have trouble sleeping, but I was pretty much at the end of my rope before I started taking it. I was headed for prozac which can actually make insomnia worse. I thought about benzodiazapines but they're addicting (though they can temporarily help with sleep).
I still  have rough days, but seems like things are smoothing out in general.

Kathy C - Georgia
First Neu-Becalm'd purchase:  November 12, 2002
Audio testimonial below recorded:  November 15, 2003

Listen as Kathy tells
her story personally. 

Stop:    each audio before starting next.

If you have a Neu-Becalm'd story or testimonial that you would like to share with everyone, please send it to us from this web page.  So many people don't try Neu-Becalm'd, because it sounds to them like every thing else out there.  They have seen many different products, and because  Neu-Becalm'd costs a little extra, they are afraid to take the chance.   Help us show them that it "Just ain't so."  (The things in life that actually "work" usually do cost more!)  Take a few minutes now to help them decide, and let everyone know that you really do care.

Aren't these stories great! 

Keep on reading, there's lots more!

I have now used two bottles of Neu-Becalm'd and am continuing to be amazed by its results.  I just reordered yesterday and hope it gets here before I become a complete wreck without it.  I depend on it for a clarity of thought I have never had before.
It is an amazing product.

Thank you so much for your e-zines and your emails.
They are a wonderful support.

Shelley Kaufmon  9/5/2003 12:13:49 PM

The results I'm seeing in my brother are AMAZING!!!
I've started the product myself.
I'm very excited about it and I know a lot of people who could use it....

Sonia Kuzma   8/6/03  skuzma@***n.com

So far so good!
 I can already see changes in my son's behavior.
I just started my daughter on it also.
I will be ordering more shortly.

Thanks again, Wendy Hill  July 07, 2003   wbhil@***t.com

I have had good results with the product and still have some left. The reason I have some left is because I felt so good, and had such good results, I quit taking it. I need to start again. Sound familiar?  Scott Erwin 06/03/03

I was amazed at how incredible the results were from my first order of bCalm'd. So amazed that I decided to become a preferred member and signed up to do so.

Michele Meltivier Fri 5/9/2003 5:51 PM   mikki**dm@aol.com

May 04, 2003 7:12 AM
I ordered Neu-Becalm'd because I have and ADHD child and the MD wanted to change his medication and add a lot of other medication which I was not happy about. Since I started giving my child Neu-Becalm'd I notice a change in his behavior.  He is so calm and acute, instead of dopey.  His teachers and after school monitors have questioned the change. They recognize that he is very aware and yet things "don't get to him" as much. I also started taking them. I can't tell you how happy I am to find the miracle medication.

May 13/2003 7:07 AM
The difference in Alex has been quite noticeable and the teacher and his one on one aide have both commented on the change. I am really happy that we chose this method to address our situation. Our Doctor is not completely convinced but you know what.... He doesn't live with Alex, we do. I have told a few of our friend about Neu-Becalm'd and hope that they will also try this.
Alice Pagan-Guzzo   alm****ngi@aol.com

My daughter is 16 years old and was diagnozed with ADD approximately 6 years ago. We have been on a variety of medications, i.e., Ritalin, Dexedrine and _?_. We have also tried many vitamin programs over the years. My husband and I have always dreaded giving her the stimulant medications. We simply believed that there was something else out there that would help her. We started the Neu-Becalm'd over a month ago. We immediately noticed a change in her demeanor. We will continue to take the Neu-Becalm'd, along with flax seed oil and fish oil. I am also taking all of the above.  It does make a difference in how you feel. I have hope that one day, with us continuing to work on her behavior, she will become a mature adult who can take responsibility for herself. God gave her to us for a reason and I know he will give the answers to help her.  I want to thank you for all of your inspiring Emails. I definitely feel like they gave me the inspiration to continue.

Bev Gensler 05/28/03

April 30, 2003

I just had to tell you of the wonderful results we have had in the past 3 weeks on Neu-Becalm'd.  Our son Andrew is 15, and ADD/Oppositional Disorder. The temper tantrums were getting way out of control, and 2 weeks before Neu-Becalm'd came into our life, he crossed and new line and threatened my life. God sent this into our life and life has never been the same since he started taking it. It is now 3 weeks later and he smiles again, something he had stopped completely and we had not seen in probably 6-8 months. Where we all used to walk around on cracked eggshells for fear of saying something that would set him OFF, it is almost as if he has the patience of JOB now. But more than all of this is a special treat that my husband and I have longed for.  Last week Andrew asked if we would by him a book to read. Andrew hates to read. Always has, even since he was a very little boy. In fact , he wouldn't even sit still when I read to him. Now he was asking us to buy him an 800 page book, Dreamcatcher, by Stephen King. If you know anything about Stephen King novels, they can be very long winded. He is on chapter 4 and not only is he reading it, but he can't wait to tell me what the chapter was about! He is comprehending what he is reading! As I write this letter to you, I find it hard not to get emotional. God sent your product to us and your product has given us a son that for 15 years I knew was hiding inside a strangers body. This is the Andrew I knew was in there. Even his brother is noticing the change. As a final note, Andrew told us that for the last school quarter, he was trying to make the honor roll. He has never recieved anything higher than a "C" in anything other than PE. Whether he does or not is not important, just the fact that he said it is more than I could have hoped for.   God Bless all of you and God Bless your product.

Wed 6/4/2003 8:20 AM

We are so pleased with how Andrew is doing. He came home yesterday and was so excited to tell me of an 83 in Social Studies. Last quarter it was an F. I bought him a card and his favorite, lemon marange pie! He won't admit that things are different since taking the Neu-Becalm'd , but that is ok.
We know there is one and we couldn't be happier.    Linda Sorine  ****rine@yahoo.com

My challenge has always been stress.  I've been dealing with stress for over 30 years. I feel more focused, confident, and upbeat when I take Neu-Becalm'd. I feel like my mind, body, and spirit function more effectively together, and I'm getting
a lot more accomplished!

Dr. Claudia Rose 12/23/02

I am taking Neu-Becalm'd to get my anxiety under control.  ITs BEEN A LIFE SAVOR. My doctor wanted to put me on Wellbutrin (tried it, made me worse) then effoxor (took one pill and quite). I have been on Neu-Becalm'd for 10 days taking 6 pills per day.  WHAT A DIFFERENCE.  I am getting better with each day.

Kathryn Dudley - October 15, 2002

My son and I both take this product, I signed up to be a distributor (to save money).  So far, results are very good. My son is happy and grades in the 70-80's vs 50-60's. Life for me is much better also, we all have less stress now.

Rob Calderoni - Friday, September 27, 2002 7:17 AM

Hi, I've just started my son John on Neu-Becalm'd.
He's not taken it but a few days now. When should I start to see results????? After helping him with homework, yes I can feel my blood pressure rising. I already have two children other than John that have been diagnosed with add/adhd and they are on medication. I just wasn't willing to have a third diagnosed and put on meds. Thanks,

Kim Seeber - Friday, September 27, 2002 6:49 AM

(A few days is not enough for most people.)

My son's attitude has changed toward us, and it is not hard to get him to take the capsules. With the Adderall we had to fight with him every day.

A.B. Johnson - 10/12/02

I just wanted to say thank you for your expediency in refunding my debit card, when an unforeseen financial emergency forced me to cancel my last order. I would recommend your company to anyone wanting an honest company to do business with. I am a very satisfied customer!

Laurie Gilman lgilman2001@hotmail.com

have some Neu-Becalm'd from my therapist, it's for myself. (I'm 50 years old and have no living children). do not contact me

R.B.S.   September 05, 2002

Neu-Becalm'd has been a miracle -- so much so that I thank God every day for it. Neu-Becalm'd was a real solution, and I still don't believe it, but it actually does work. It worked instantly (in one day's time) and very, very well Neu-Becalm'd is truly miraculous. Maybe there are few overnight miracles, but there's one here. We don't need any dosage tips or help -- we're well over 50 and very well educated, and quite able to read directions and research for ourselves. Dosages are going to vary from one individual to the next and even sometimes from day to day depending on what's going on. We've got the dose down just right for our situation. That part was very easy to figure out.

Nancy K. -  (Arizona)  Tuesday, August 27, 2002

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