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My husband has ADD and we are reordering Neu-Becalm'd. He's had two bottles worth and after a few days without, he notices the difference. We wanted to test that before we reordered. Thank you for your email updates.

Marti U.  (Portland, Oregon) - August 19, 2002

My son is 10 years old and he has been taking Neu-Becalm'd for about 7 months. I stopped giving it to him several times during these 7 months to see if it was really working, or to see if the differences I noticed were all in my head or coincidental. I'm done testing to see if it works.....It does. The first change I noticed was in his reading. He was never really into reading but suddenly, out of the blue, he was absorbing books. In the car, at home, his teacher even commented on it. He has already read three of the Harry Potter books,along with a ton of other reading material. When he's not taking it, he can't seem to sit still,he's literally jumping off the furniture and chattering. He got in big trouble 2 times at school this past year,where he was close to getting kicked out. The first time I hadn't started with the Neu-Becalm'd yet, the 2nd time he was off of them. He still got in some trouble while he was taking it, but it was very minor stuff. I won't be taking him off of Neu-Becalm'd again. Thanks for letting us enjoy our son. But mostly thank you for allowing him to be able to make some friends.

Debora Monaghan - Sun 6/16/2002 6:08 PM    

My son has been taking Neu-Becalm'd for two days,  and I can't believe it the teacher call me today to tell me Zachary had an awesome day today. He is in the 7th grade and had a very hard year, I hope this will keep on working.

Tracy Faria  Thu 4/11/02 8:50 PM

(Then, Only Three Days Later, Another One!)


Tracy Faria    Sun 4/14/2002 3:06 PM

I have started this e-mail several times and can't seem to find the best way to express how excited I am about this product. My 11 year old ADHD son is so different.  I love being around him now. No more arguing over doing homework, chores, or anything!   He just does it. I absolutely cannot believe it. Several months ago we had to take him off Ritalin because he developed nervous tics.
We tried him on something else (I can't remember the name) and after the first dose, that nearly made him comatose, we threw it away. We then started looking for natural treatments and nothing seemed to work. Until now. I still can't believe it.  He is so pleasant to be around. Our whole family has been positively affected by the change in him. I know he is so much happier now.
Oh, by the way, we first noticed a change about 10 days after he started taking Neu-Becalm'd. I give him 2 first thing in the morning and 2 right after school. Finally,  How can I become a distributor, so I can buy at wholesale?

Luciana McKeown    -   Tue 4/9/2002 11:07 AM

We saw a lot of good in  Neu-Becalm'd. He is nicer, and somewhat focused.  It has helped his anxiety. He is able to sleep by himself now and he can walk through the house without being scared. David is also very sensitive to medication. We have to come off the Dexedrine every few weeks because it builds up in him. We have tried Ritalin and Adderall and he can't take them.

Anne Hardin  -  April 08, 2002

My daughter has been on 17 different meds in the past 4 years. I'm so desprite to find a happy medium in our house hold. I just started her on Neu-Becalm'd about 2 weeks ago. She has went to bed and to sleep with no problems every night. This is a blessing. Thank you for your product... I hope that I will soon be able to take Neu-Becalm'd, instead of my antidepressant.

Kelli Willgus - February 03, 2002

My daughter and I have both been taking Neu-Becalm'd for 2 1/2 weeks. The difference it has made, especially in my daughters life, is amazing. The Ritalin helped her concentration but she was getting more and more withdrawn from life. I read to her your brochure about how you feel when your neuro-transmitter levels are low. She answered that's me, 4 out of  5. Three weeks ago she wrote, "My life sucks, I wish I could die so, I could get out of it." Fortunately the Neu-Becalm'd had already been ordered. Today (2 1/2 weeks later) she has a smile on her face and the sparkle is back in her eye. She is happy most of the time. Things still upset her but she says she feels as if she can control her anger now. I feel Neu-Becalm'd has given her a second chance to make her life all it should be for a 14 year old teenager. Thank you and may God continue to bless your work.

Tara Johnson  -  February 22, 2002

My Grandson being diagnosed with ADHD, and my own anxiety led me to your site. I gave all the information to my son, and my grandson's mother, they are not together. I doubt she will consider it, unless it is recommended by his Doctor, however, she doesn't want prescribed drugs. I ordered Neu-Becalm'd express delivery, in case she wanted to try it, but also because I knew it was for me as well. I am taking it everyday, my anxiety is under control, and I feel so much better. I will keep hoping they will try my grandson on it, but I, for sure, will continue to always take it, and recommend it to everyone I know. Thank You,

Elena - January 14, 2002

My 7 yr old son started to demonstrate ADHD and ODD symptoms before he was 3. Daily life became such a struggle, that just getting him up in the morning with his foul mood and over activities. I honestly thought I'd lose my mind. Life didn't feel worth living for me because of the stress and the minute by minute bombardment of mental anguish and I really wonder if he was any happier. I was afraid to put him on any drugs as suggested by the Dr.'s because he has kidney disease and no one could tell me what the long term effects would be. I was at my wits end and ready to put him on the drugs because nether he or I could take it any longer. I was doing research on drugs when I found Neu-Becalm'd. I knew we didn't have anything to lose so I ordered a bottle. As miracles go, the very first capsule changed our lives. As long as he takes the Neu-Becalm'd, our lives are wonderful in comparison. No more ODD rage or out of control activity. I take Neu-Becalm'd too. I will buy Neu-Becalm'd forever and recommend it to anyone whether they have an ADHD/ODD or not. This product is literally a life saver.

Pam Powers - Thu 12/27/2001

You come highly recommended by our physician.
Leigh Peterson    Saturday, November 24, 2001



Katie LaBier    09/24/01

Neu-Becalm'd is wonderful for my son (adhd / odd). I was able to take him off Ritalin and just give him the Neu-Becalm'd. I referred, actually I spoke of how wonderful your product is on conductdisorders.com --they were waiting to see if it worked for us. I was finally able to tell them all (thousands of moms and  dads), that it is!!!!!!!!!!

Shelly Stibritz  8/24/01

My son has been on this product (Neu-Becalm'd) for about 6 days. The first few days I didn't really notice a difference. I only know that because I was still ready to scream, cry, breakdown at the end of the day. The last few days have been noticeably different. Zach has been much calmer and not so argumentative. He doesn't seem to fly off the handle at the silliest of things. I am praying for much more improvement as time goes on. I am trying not to get my hopes up but it is hard not too. Zach developed tics this last month after being on Adderall and Concerta. He was on these for a total of 4 days. It has been a hard road for a long time. His doctor spent 30 minutes with him and decided that he needed to be medicated. He had never met Zach before and was already messing with his brain. I am not one for medicating someone because they do things a little differently. Thanks again for everything.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Lory Shafer  8/18/01

My grand daughter is doing much better since taking Neu-Becalm'd  In the last two weeks she stuck her tongue out at someone, she also was in a line of kids and pushed the one in front of her slightly. It is little things.  But, she is doing much better. The school is really picking on her because we will not give her the so-called "Prescription Drugs" such as Ritalin etc. We took her back to the Dr. that had prescribed her Prozac, and he said she didn't need anything. THEN...  we told him that we never gave the Prozac, that we gave her the Neu-Becalm'd instead. He could not believe the change.....He was amazed!  Thank You,

Kathy Stein    7/06/01

This product (Neu-Becalm'd) saved my Marriage and my sanity!

Melissa Jest    5/28/01

I am a special education teacher with a masters degree. I also have custody of a 9 year old who went into an uncontrollable rage after being with his birth mother for a short time. I knew all the pros and cons of add/adhd children taking medication but I needed help, and after counseling and doctoring,  I agreed to the medication (Ritalin) to settle him down in school and until I could decide an alternative. He was hurting. I described it as being in a maze and he could not get out. But, when l did not give him the Ritalin on the weekend, the rage started again. I was determined to help this kid, so I ordered one bottle of Neu-Becalm'd, and stopped the Ritalin. Over several months grades, classroom behavior, self-esteem and our relationship has improved 100%. He and I like each other again, and I do not have to be with him at all times, nor do I have to run home and greet him. He makes good choices and is enjoying life, as a child should.

Frantic Grandma! March 14, 2001

My daughter has been on Neu-Becalm'd for about two weeks. Last week we saw a definite improvement. Her teacher regularly makes her stay late to finish her work. Last week, she finished all her assignments on time and even participated in recess. It is great to see her happy with herself again. Second grade should be fun, not nerve-raking....at least for the child! Looking forward to increasing improvement. Thank you.

Dawn D. Holder    12/20/00

Love your products! My husband, Son, and myself are taking it. It works!

Gerogette Stafford    09/26/00

I have a Daughter, Molly, 26 years old. Since she was 14 1/2 years old, I tried Doctors, both physical and mental. Their advise to me was to kick her out and save myself. She will only get help and change when she is at her rock bottom and ready to seek her own help. The total story is much too long to go through. I noticed a change in her when she became pregnant with the twins. She was so normal, it made me almost cry at times. Once the Boy's were born, it was approx. 2 months when I noticed her going back to her previously nasty self. Having the babies put her in a worse state of mind, very violent and sometimes suicidal. I had her leave the house and I took over the parenting of the Twins. Then I accidentally stumbled across your web site and decided to try it. She has been taking Neu-Becalm'd for 3 weeks now and there is a Major difference in her. She is now talking about starting her Chef classes, going back to work and best of all, being a Mom to her two son's. I realize its only been 3 weeks... I'm keeping my fingers crossed!! and I've just re-ordered more. Thanks for giving us Molly back.


Hello, I hope that by sending you this I won't jinx the good effects that we've already been seeing in our daughter. Within the first day I started to see a different child. She began to do what she was asked the first time I asked her, she was a great deal less argumentative, rebellious, and angry. Since Friday, the effects have continued to improve. On Tuesday I got up with my 1 year old around 8:00 in the morning and my daughter was already up, dressed, and making her bed. These are things we have struggled with trying to get her to do for the last 4 years, and here she is doing it without even being asked to! Then, to further compliment things, when I came out the same morning from dressing my 1 year old, she was making breakfast for herself and her 3 year old brother. Something she's never done before on her own (it's always been a battle to get her to do this). I am sooo pleased with the changes I've already seen in her and I've recommended this to my sister who has an 11 year old son who is also ADHD and takes Clonidine, Tegertol (for seizures), and Triazidone. She is really thinking about putting him on it too. Anyway, thank you for such a wonderful product! I'm soo glad that I stumbled onto your website!  

Yours truly, Mrs. Tencha Stone and family  7/27/00

I have a 27 yr old daughter who is ADHD and was taking Effexor.   The ADHD has hindered her severely as an adult.
She has also experienced depression because of her failure and rejection. We have given her Restores (Neu-Becalm'd) for the past several months and can see an improvement in both problems. I have also taken it for mild depression and brain fog. I too have seen a difference.

Carol Ramsey   4/11/00 

Alana has made a lot of improvements. I was very hesitant to tell you for sure that she is doing better. Well, I'm certain now that she is. I spoke with one of her teachers this morning and she told me that Alana has improved a lot. Yesterday, I took Alana shopping with me to two different stores, (not usually a good idea with her), but I needed to get some groceries. She behaved very well. In the second store we went to she insisted on helping me with the basket. So, she carries this basket through the whole store, and EVERYONE she scoots by, she remembers to say "excuse me" Someone even stopped to comment to me on how polite she is. I know you're thinking this is expected behavior, but for Alana it really is a huge improvement! I was so happy for her, she was walking through the store (as opposed to bouncing between the aisles) and taking care to not bump into anyone (as opposed to "Oops sorry" ever few seconds). The manners, "excuse me", was a bonus. <smiles>. Thanks for all your help and support. We are doing much better.

Angel Hopkins 3/30/00

My 8 year old son has been on (Neu-Becalm'd) for one month, (A friend bought a bottle for me after I told her about your website/product). I have definitely seen an improvement in his ability to concentrate as well as an improvement in his impulsivity. I am a Registered Nurse and I have told several parents of children, some of them newborn I.C.U. Graduates, with ADHD about it, and I know that quite a few of them have ordered. I'm sure they're thanking you right now too. Thanks again.

N. Colledge R.N. 1/26/00

We have only been using it on our grandson for 2 weeks now,
but oh what a difference already. We can see such an improvement, thanks so much for this product.

Cheryl Deemer     10/14/99

My son, Lucas, started your product 2 weeks ago. So far, I'm afraid to jinks things, but We Definitely are seeing a Different child. He remembers to bring everything home from school,
lunch bag, water bottle, jacket, all school work. That in itself is Amazing. He is doing very well academically. He has a daily behavioral book sheet which gets filled out by his teachers, and it is getting much better. Today he got out of 4 he got 3 Very Good, and the other Satisfactory. You can't imagine what my life was like before. In simple terms, it was a nightmare. The common lines were Lucas is bothering us, Lucas is doing this, Lucas is doing that. He even would go outside to play, and come home with one shoe missing. When I asked where's your other shoe, he didn't know. I used to find it somewhere outside. Now, he is a Really together kid. In the morning he says " Mommy did you remember to put this or that in my schoolbag?" He's asking me, and reminding me! Now when we read a story, and I ask him about it, he tells me all the right answers, before he was pretty much clued out. He listened to the story, but somehow most of it went right through his head, as if I never read it to him. Homework is now done in no time at all, and he isn't squirming around like a fish trying to do it, and pulling on his socks or shirt like he used to. I also wanted to mention to you that the teacher and the Resource teacher both told me that his penmanship (handwriting) is absolutely Fantastic. It's amazing, when I look at his writing from June to now. I can't wait to get a Report Card, even if the November one still has some comments, I'm confident that each one will improve in whatever areas are low. I kept letters from his kindergarten teachers, artwork etc, and comments from last year's reports, I can't wait to show off the old and the new.

Alice Whitmeyer    10/0199

I started my son on Neu-Becalm'd four weeks ago, and sat and cried yesterday wanting to share with someone the great success that my husband and I have been seeing. My little boy, who I thought would never be normal, is having remarkable success with it. He is normally up all night long, but he slept for the first time through the night, and layed down at 9 and got up in the morning. He never ever sleeps through the night. He said to me the other day,  "Mom, I feel so good." I wanted to cry, because my son has a depression problem. I saw the happiness and glow all over my little boys face. Boy, it sure did feel good.  We went to dinner the other evening, which we don't do often, because of his behavior. Would you believe, he was an angel.  I had no problems with him whatsoever. I had to ask my husband which of our children was the best behaved during dinner. He said he would definitely have to say Andy, as he smiled and got into the van.He then suggested going out and doing something with all of us.We don't do much as a family, because of the problems, and it felt so good to be all together again, like we should be. I have seen a change in my own husband, now wanting to take the time for my little one now that he is not pulling the things that he had. My husband was at his wit's end and was actually considering giving my little boy up for adoption due to these problems. with him. I think you just saved a relationship between a father and a son. Gosh,  I am so thankful for all that is changing in my life. I am now looking forward to sending my son back to school, and not getting all worked up that the school is going to continue to call me like last year. Our family must have received over 75 phone calls last year for problems that were occurring in school. A very, very stressful year for my husband and I, and the other kids. Andy also is not pacing the floor, not knowing what to do with himself. Today my neighbor asked if he could mow her lawn, and he was so eager to get over there and do this. He was great, and he ended up earning ten dollars. I have seen that he has not been angry or hostile. He is more helpful and considerate ,and the lies that he had been telling me are coming down. I think I am going to have the opportunity to trust him again. We are absolutely amazed, stunned and flabbergasted. At the end of May, the school had forced us to put him on something  (medication) or they were going to put him in the hospital for some psychological evaluation. For 5 weeks I put him on it, and I did not see any changes in him. He was up all night long, and became extremely angry with everyone around him. I was totally against the Ritalin all together. When school ended, the bottle of meds got tossed out. I cannot  thank you enough for having this web site out there for those parents to find who are looking for the help. I don't know where I would be today without the help that you have given to me. I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart. THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR SAVING ME, AND MY LITTLE BOY.

Mary Thomason 8/1/99

P.S. My sister just ordered a bottle for her depression, as she is going through a divorce. She has not yet received it, but I don't have any doubt in my mind that this is going to help her.

I have been taking it for several months and it has increased my ability to focus and reduced my middle-aged forgetfulness.

Nancy Brand Smith 7/21/99

My daughter who is 25 and ADD, always was.. just too mild to be identified) has been on Adderall for one year now and she went to a 4.0 student in graduate school when she finally figured out it was her lack of focus that caused her mediocre grades. Yes!  I encouraged her to try Restores (Neu-Becalm'd) as an alternative. She reports that she has had an excellent response, and is weaning her dosage of Adderall down each day. I am going to try it too, as is my husband. Thank you for this product.

Rosemary Weldon 7/20/99

I have had my son on Neu-Becalm'd for almost one month. My husband and I noticed a difference after about three days!
It is miraculous!

Catherine Gauthier 5/25/99

Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd)  is wonderful product! I have ordered several times.   No more Ritalin!

Thanks, Debbie Daul  01/15/98

My son, who has been taking Neu-Becalm'd for a few months now, suddenly started getting up in the night, having sleeping problems and generally being much more difficult to handle. My daughter said to me "Has he been taking his tablets?" I was sure he had but called him in and asked him. He admitted he had forgotten for the last five mornings. He hadn't eaten lunch as yet so I sent him immediately to take that days dose. The sleeplessness disappeared and his moods went back to his normal level of difficulty. I had been wondering how much effect it was having and this was the perfect wake up call. When our next supply arrives, I am going to boost him up one to four a day, as he is still a bit explosive temper wise, but never violent now. (His previous escapades included throwing a chair at his big sister and chasing her and his brother around the kitchen with a knife). Since the Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd) no frighteningly abnormal behaviour. My best wishes and thanks to the makers.

Linda Herbert 1/10/98

I cried when my son started to really improve. Just yesterday, my son Nick who's 5 & is ADHD, rode the school bus for the first time, and did just fine. You don't know what that feels like!
Then, as if that wasn't enough, he had a playmate come over out of the blue & ask if they could play together after school.
Nick has never made friends easily and kids have avoided him before. This was all I could handle in one day, I had tears in my eyes. This is one of the side effects of Neu-Becalm'd..... It makes us mothers cry all the time.

Pam Manuel    Nick's Mommy    01/06/99

My teenage son has ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome. Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd) has proven to be very, very helpful for my son and me, (I have ADD and mild tourette's too...it's very genetic.) I have noticed drastic results over the last 2 months. He is more calm, less ticks, and has been able to stay on task longer. His moods are more even and his disposition is pleasant most of the time. He was even able to bring his grades up (he was shocked because it didn't take extra "effort") - this product has a tremendous effect......  

Dawn Madison 01/06/99

I  have been on Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd) for 30 days. My Best Friend noticed a big change in my stress level. I am much calmer. I deal with everyday stress w/my business and employees and family much better. Unfortunately, I didn't reorder before I ran out. So for about 10 days now I have been on the edge.
Finally today I received my order. What a relief!  I now am on automatic order so I won't miss a dosage.

Teresa Paxton 11/17/98

Have been having encouraging results with this product, for my 13 year old son, who was diagnosed with ADHD! Also,  Please send information on your marketing plan.  (10/12/98)

Son doing well. School marks are better for the first marking period than any he's had in the last 2 years. Signed up yesterday to be distributor.  
(11/15/98)    Thank you,  Amy Hughes  

I am using Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd) and have tried countless other products. For the first time however, I'm having hope about weaning my kids off the Ritalin. It is a great product, I too am trying to spread the word.

 Michelle Grissom 9/1/98

My son has started high school this year with Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd). Last year at school his teachers said they could not tell that he was off of the Ritalin and on something else. After 7 years we found your product, thanks to you for your web page. This alternative works, where the others did not. Thanks,

Sharon Chavers 8/31/98

My daughter is taking Restores + (Neu-Becalm'd) now. I had to wait for the school year to end and summer begin so I could "wean" her off of Ritalin. She doesn't complain of the headaches now (withdrawals from speed),  and she seems to do as well on your product as the prescription drugs. Thank you so much for telling me about it. I am opposed to drugs to begin with. I am certainly opposed when it is my 9 or 10 year old child. So thank you again!  Have a good day:)

Paula Condra        8/24/98

We have given our son the Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd) and witnessed remarkable improvement. It  was recommended by a friend of ours, also in Australia whose daughter has benefitted from it. However, we had to purchase it direct from the U.S. which is very expensive. Do you have any distributors in Australia? I would be happy to leave my testimonial on your page,

Graeme Masterson 8/24/98

If it weren't for Restores+  (Neu-Becalm'd), I wouldn't be doing as well at my computer analyst job, as I am right now. Since taking it,  my Stress level is way down. When my stress level is down, I concentrate better and it's easier to retain information. I highly recommend it to everyone.

Charles Hughes 5/13/98

The results we have received have been astounding. Our oldest son, who is 24 was able to complete his schooling in a very technical field with good grades, he graduated in April 1998.  
Our 14 year olds improvement was so great, that his teacher noticed the improvement immediately, and she is now taking it.  
His grades improved by a letter grade. My wife and I both take it, just to help us stay focused. We also have friends with alcohol related problems that have had excellent results, too. We highly recommend it.

Joe Hutson Shreveport, LA

Hi, Thought you might like to know we can see some results with Timmy. He is able to tolerate his Ritalin now and has lost the irritable tone to his voice. He is sleeping  better and waking up without the excessive grouchiness and raising his voice at us. He was very pleased with his classroom oral responses, saying he knew all the answers. My most positive results have come from my neighbor. She was having a rough time with her add/pms problems. She and her husband are having some serious marriage problems. I gave her enough capsules to last 3 days to try. On the morning of her third day she called me and said; "Miss Helen, I can't believe how good those products are. I'm feeling so good. I gave her my unopened bottles that I had on hand, and have now ordered a case. She is now giving her ADHD daughter the same dose that I started her on. Can't wait to see how she responds to it.  Her daughter is nine. I have been having a problem with severe stress because of Timmy and had developed a trembling and numbing sensation in my chest and left arm. My doctors have assured me it is not my heart, but suggested that I see a neurologist. Last night I took 2 capsules before bed. I feel so much better today. As soon as my shipment gets here I will be taking it regularly. I can't thank you enough for caring enough to answer my e-mail.

Helen Baxter 4/3/98

Hi, Just wanted to let you know my son is doing great on the Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd). I had a meeting at school last week,
and the teachers told me they can not tell any difference from Ritalin, other than the fact that he is more alert. The high school counselor for LD (learning disabled) students has asked me if she may call me after the school break and ask me about the results (especially since they know my son).

Sharon Phillips 4/2/98

Hello,  Just had to tell you how terrific Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd) has been for my son. It happened for him just as you said it did for your child. His teacher actually called me to ask what he was doing differently, that was causing such a positive change, not only in his behavior in class, but also his class work. Our home has stopped being the constant battleground. We can't thank you enough, and don't give up, you are doing something VERY worthwhile.

Janis Dillingham 10/25/97

Again, thank you so much for your site. I am SO glad that I stumbled on to it!!!

My regards,   Lisa Blackwell  -  09/15/97

Our son's story is a long one -- 31 years long!

Dave was actually classified as retarded at birth and Social Services planned to place him directly into an institution for the retarded, where several of his uncles and aunts had resided for many years. By signing an agreement with Social Services that we wouldn't take him back to them under any circumstances, we were able to adopt him when he was only 4 days old!

At pre-kindergarten testing at age 4 they said that he was severely retarded and would never advance beyond the mentality of an 8 year old. The doctor recommended that we have him institutionalized and forget about him!

At that age, he already knew how to read -- had learned by listening to Sesame St. & The Electric Company. Notice I said "listening" because he wouldn't be still long enough to actually focus on anything long enough to "watch" it. I'd given up trying to read to him because he just didn't seem to be "there", nor would he sit still through even one page!

One day soon after he had turned 4, he walked into the kitchen and said, "Hey Mom! I know my alphabet!" I was trained as an Early Childhood teacher so of course KNEW that he didn't! He then proceeded all the way through the alphabet without any hesitation. I'd never even tried to teach it to him because I really thought it was a lost cause. Needless to say I was dumbfounded. From that point on, he started spelling and then reading every sign that we passed while traveling in the car. By the time he was 5, he could read almost anything. It was obvious this child had problems but I certainly knew he wasn't retarded.

However, the doctors who tested him for kindergarten either didn't believe me or didn't want to hear it because the reply I got was, "Well, knowing how to read is NOT one of the prerequisites for Kindergarten entrance!" (But having the dexterity to cut out paper dolls with a pair of scissors was!)

At that time no one ever heard of Attention Deficit Disorder, (ADD/ADHD).

At my insistence, they did enroll him in kindergarten and of course he did very poorly and his teacher could hardly stand having him in the class because he couldn't do any of the projects that children his age should have been able to do, nor would he stay in his seat.

She was going to insist that he repeat Kindergarten, but I talked to and worked with the first grade teacher and she agreed to take him. After the first couple of days she called me and said she was amazed at how smart he was, and that he could already read well above 2nd grade level. She said she had written the children's names -- in long hand -- on each of their lunch bags and placed them on her desk. At break time -- the first day -- David had taken it upon himself to go up to her desk and he then proceeded to deliver each bag to the right person. Not only had he learned everyone's name, but he was reading in long hand, not in print, each of the names and had delivered them all to their proper recipient. I have no idea when or how he learned to read long hand!

The guidance dept. had RETARDED written all over his records. About this time I went to see them and they agreed that he was not retarded so completely removed that label. I was so thankful. It would have been tagged on him for life.

His diagnosis went from Retarded to Brain Damaged to Brain Dysfunction, to Disability. I don't think they came up with ADD
until he was in high school. He was the first child in our elementary school district to have had that problem so no one knew what to do with him. He was able to attend normal classes but in later years when they  had Special Ed teachers, he usually went to the Special Ed teacher one class of the day to get help on projects that he couldn't do alone. (Like Term Papers, math problems, or anything requiring Organizational Skills. (He had none!)

When he graduated from High School he was on Cloud Nine!
He actually did very well in Reading, Spelling, History, Current Events, English, Languages, and anything involving memory,
but had a terrible time with organizational skills, and math that he had to do on paper. Actually he can do math in his head quicker than I can do it on a calculator.

He certainly isn't a genius, but he does have an IQ of about 120 or so -- when he takes a test on the computer. He never did get over 70 on any that he had taken at school where he had to fill out blanks on paper.

After high school he attended the local community college for a couple of years, but eventually dropped out  because he could not function in a class situation without some individual attention. After that he could not get a job at anything that wasn't minimal food service type jobs.

He always presented a very bad image at a job interview because of sometimes bazaar hand and eye movements and difficulty getting out what he wanted to say when he was under stress. He's also been very frustrated with peer relationships and had few friends. Kids in school called him "Retard" and always made fun of him.

He quit his job at food service in a cafe and applied at Walmart
where he was hired as a cashier. We never dreamed that they would hire him, nor that he could manage the stress, making change, dealing with people, but in the first month he got the Customer Service Award.

Last fall, I learned about Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd). I decided to at least give it a try.

After a few weeks Dave commented that for the first time in his life he was able to hang onto a thought and think it through.
He's never been able to do logical thinking and for the first time in his life, he's beginning to see things in a logical sequence.

He has since stopped taking St. John's Wort and Kava Kava,
but does continue with Gingko Biloba, Pcynogenols, and some vitamin supplements along with the Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd).

His diet has always been atrocious -- and still is. At least he will willingly take the supplements now. At one time I could not get him to take anything like that. When he was younger I tried to keep him on the diet that eliminates chemical additives, artificial ingredients, white sugar, white flour, etc., but it was impossible.

He's much more willing now to take things that I suggest since he has noticed such an improvement in his thinking ability, in his life style, and in the quality of employment he can obtain.

A few weeks after Dave started taking the Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd), he was promoted to Customer Service Manager on his shift at Walmart. He absolutely loves his job and is now thinking about going back to college to major in marketing.
He hasn't reached that point yet, however. He's so afraid of failing again. He definitely has a problem with self-esteem.

Obviously, his verbal communication skills have increased
tremendously or he would not be able to deal with customers
who come in with problems and complaints. He also is enjoying a harmonious relationship with his co-workers and his peers that he has seldom experienced before.

He still has lapses when he doesn't take the Restores+ (Neu-Becalm'd) and when he does he gets very unreasonable and ugly. At least when he gets that way now, he will go take his supplements, instead of stomping off in a fury and slamming the door. He generally is able to calm down and returns to being civil in a few minutes.

I didn't mean to overwhelm you with this story about my son,
but I don't think it's possible to realize the amazing change
that has taken place in his life -- in our lives -- unless you know where we've been and where we're coming from.

Living with ADD/ADHD may not be the cruelest punishment on earth, but in my estimation, it comes very close to it.

My Best Regards to you and yours, and may you find the solutions that will help.

Suzanne Whitmire




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